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Retail grocery store designers and visual merchandising experts agree that a well planned store design will financially perform beyond expectations and will impress shoppers. Especially one that’s built and installed by one of North America’s top retail design firms. DGS Retail has been serving the retail architecture and store interior design industry with layout, display ideas and design since 1979. Whether you’re interested in small grocery store layout or large scale visual merchandising plan DGS Retail can help. We supply the store fixtures that perform and the hot retail design trends that encourage customers to shop. Our wide selection includes in-store signage solutions and point of purchase displays developed specifically for your store. We are a retail design firm that builds and installs. Our expertise is in grocery store design, grocery decor signs, supermarket signage, restaurant design, liquor store design, bakery, deli, and more. With an emphasis on food marketing and food merchandising let DGS Retail be the retail interior design specialists you rely on! If designing a store or visual merchandising ideas are what you need we’ve got you covered. We also supply all the designs, signs, hardware and expertise needed to differentiate your store from the competition and help to improve your same store sales.

Grocery Store Signage

Supplying cutting-edge retailers with creative, trend setting in store signage and retail sign displays is a large part of what we do. DGS Retail’s grocery store design and retail signage category encompasses a wide selection of hot retail design trends, classic, time tested and vintage signage as well as everything in between. Our signage product categories include:

Grocery Store Aisle Signs

Add aisle signs above store shelving or retail gondola shelves. These are retail architecture way-finding signs that generally mount direct to gondola shelving either on end caps or in line down the store aisle. Customers search signs like this to help them navigate the aisle for food on their list. Customers rating interior shops view their favorite stores as the ones that make supermarket shopping easy with this type of sign.

Custom Hanging Grocery Aisle Signs

These aisle signs are for retail grocery applications. These are similar to the gondola shelving aisle markers but are designed to be suspended from a drop ceiling grid or exposed ceiling joists or trusses. DGS Retail offers hundreds of styles and designs as well as all the drop ceiling grid clips and hanging sign hardware brackets and cables. These types of in store signage are sometimes called aisle directories or grocery store signs. Help your shoppers locate healthy foods down your aisles with custom printed hanging aisle directory signs.

Hanging Signs and Banners for Supermarkets

Whether you’re looking for a circle, square or triangular hanging sign shape or just a rectangular sign that’s one or two-sided DGS Retail has the retail display sign that you’re seeking. We offer lightweight fabric signs as well as custom fabricated dimensional hanging signs that can feature dimensional lettering or dimensional store logos and designs. We can also help you with professional installation services though our own network of skilled installers that we have located throughout North America or with supplying you the sign hanging hardware, ceiling clips and cable sets required to suspend the signs yourself.

Small Sign Holders for Food Displays

Have a great idea for food merchandising or a food display but don’t know where to find the right small sign holders? DGS Retail has a wide selection of countertop, table top, clip on and magnetic sign holders that are just perfect for displaying signage at the point of sale directly in the middle of your custom food display! Offered in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, materials and mounting methods that allows you to design the ideal visual merchandising tabletop display. Use them these small sign holders on store shelves, deli cases, bakery cases, tables, baskets, crates and more.

Produce Merchandising and Signs

Check out our dimensional supermarket decor and grocery produce signs that can be installed on wall soffits above service areas in the store or on almost any other interior wall of the store. Hanging sign designs are also featured that allow you to convey a natural, organic or locally grown produce message to your customers. DGS Retail offers wood signs, corrugated metal signs, farmers market signs and large scale printed images of wholesome and fresh produce that will make your produce department stand out and shine! Floral merchandising and signs are also featured.

Liquor and Wine Bottle Merchandising

Have a beer cave or a wine department that you want to highlight in your store? DGS Retail offers a large assortment of liquor and wine store related signage in both vintage and modern designs for liquor store displays. We supply everything from convenience store signs, retail gondola header sign holders, toppers, dimensional signage that can be installed above cooler runs, hanging signs and more! DGS Retail is your liquor store design expert!

Bakery Display Ideas and Signs

Ideal in store signage and interior design retail for bakeries or coffee shop plans. Design a bakery with everything from bakery designs, bakery decor, decorating ideas, food display signs and countertop sign holders.

Cafe Design and Signs

Have a cafe, restaurant, coffee shop, prepared food or pizza restaurant in your grocery store? DGS Retail supplies your design requirements with coffee shop interior design, interior design for bars, cafeteria design, sushi restaurant design and more. We’re a top hospitality interior designer that focuses on food service. So whether you’re looking for restaurant signs, menu boards, sidewalk signs or food signs we have a wide selection to make your QSR stand out from the crowd.

Deli Signs and Designs

The perfect store decor to get your marketing message across. From large dimensional wall signage to small sign holders used in a deli case. Also find meat, seafood, prepared foods, salad bar signs, olive bar signs and more!

Pet Food Store Design

Pet supply is one of the fasted growing categories in retail. Add a section to your grocery store with DGS Retail’s unique in store signage and retail designs.

Bulk Food Store Design

Get retail business tips and lower the average cost to run a retail store with designs and signs from DGS Retail. Managing and starting a retail business is hard work. Get the best and lower your shop signage costs with retail solutions from the experts.

Dairy Signs and Frozen Food Displays

Add aisle signs above dairy cooler store fixtures or frozen food cases. Large scale wall signs and decor retail solutions. Vintage diary signs.

Drug Store Design and Pharmacy Signs

For departments within a grocery store or stand-alone stores. Hot retail design trends and tips can be found here.

Grocery Aisle Gondola Shelf Signs

Use these retail sign holders for center store marketing and merchandising on store shelving. Find retail gondola header frames, toppers and sign holders. Magnetic sign holder solutions, clip on sign holders, shelf edge sign holders, shelf talkers, wobblers and blade signs ideas. Shelf strips, info strips and plastic label holders. End Cap displays and more.

3 Dimensional Letter Signs for Supermarkets

Create your own raised lettering sign for grocery departments. Multiple sizes and styles are available. This is a simple and low cost way to sign a department or service area of your grocery store or supermarket.

Grocery Store Sign Tips

Design a single department or a whole store using DGS Retail’s extensive array of retail signage displays. With everything from small sign holders and table top signs to large scale store decor signs that can portray your complete retail identity DGS Retail can supply your complete retail store. We offer stock solutions that can be custom printed with your store logo or message and colors or we can work with your supplied designs. DGS Retail also offers complete design services as well. Details of our design services can be found here: DGS Retail Store Design Services Our store decor signs are sold in popular sizes or they can be made in almost any size depending on your store’s requirements. For custom printed items – place your order online. Once your order is placed a DGS Retail Design Solutions Specialist will be in contact with you to review printing options, your copy requirements and designs. For FAQ’s click here: DGS Retail FAQ's

If you’re opening a grocery store or just remodeling an existing store DGS Retail has the in store signage specialists that you can count on. We offer complete retail business services and can help you to lower the cost of signage while improving your retail store business.