Cigarette Display Racks for Convenience Stores

DGS Retail: Your Destination for Premier Cigarette Display Racks and Tobacco Fixtures

In the ever-evolving retail landscape, creating an engaging, organized, and aesthetically pleasing in-store environment is key to attracting and retaining customers. This holds particularly true for businesses dealing with tobacco and related products. As a leading manufacturer of premium-quality cigarette display racks and tobacco fixtures, DGS Retail is committed to aiding retailers in their pursuit of delivering exceptional shopping experiences.

We offer an extensive inventory of display racks designed to seamlessly blend into diverse retail environments such as convenience stores, liquor stores, smoke shops, vape shops, cigar stores, and grocery stores. If your tobacco displays are due for an upgrade, DGS Retail is the ultimate destination to find affordable, durable, and versatile solutions.

Our cigarette display racks boast a robust metal frame construction, promising longevity and resilience. Available in a range of styles and sizes, our racks offer ultimate flexibility, coming in widths of 3 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, and 8 ft. This vast array of options ensures that no matter the spatial constraints of your store, we have a solution that fits.

One of the standout features of our display racks is the adjustable spring-loaded shelf pushers. These innovative additions have been designed to accommodate an assortment of products, from cigarette packs to chewing tobacco tins, dip, snus, vape cartridges, and other ITP and OTP tobacco products. The ability to display a variety of items in a high capacity retail store fixture is crucial in today's competitive market.

As industry dynamics have led to an increased focus on product categories like vaping, cigars, and OTP, it is now more important than ever to merchandise tobacco effectively in convenience stores. Retailers widely agree that the best strategy is to ensure a highly visible, clean display. This approach puts the product right in front of the customers' faces when they check out. In addition, the inclusion of can rolls, typically sold in five-can rolls, provides an additional source of revenue.

The principle is simple: avoid a cluttered, messy setup. Retailing basics and common sense dictate that reducing upfront clutter enhances product visibility. Make room for promotional signs and other materials up front, in windows, and around the store. With tobacco products accounting for approximately 33% of all in-store sales at convenience stores, a clean, visible program is integral to driving sales.

About 10% of in-store category sales are OTP, a figure that is gaining momentum, and approximately 70% of U.S. Tobacco Sales occur through the convenience and gas channel. The top three sellers in the OTP category continue to be Cigars, Electronic Cigarette devices (Vapor), and Smokeless (Moist Snuff and SNUS).

DGS Retail's wood and metal cigarette display racks and tobacco fixtures promise to revolutionize your retail store. Perfect for any cigar store, convenience store, liquor store, or smoke shop, their modern design features freestanding or wall-mounted units guaranteed to enhance your store's appeal.

Our display racks, compact in size but capable of holding thousands of cigarette packs, come equipped with spring-loaded shelf pushers for easy shopping and restocking, maintaining a neat and organized display. They're adjustable, allowing you to showcase a wide range of tobacco products. Made with solid Lozier gondola shelving system components, these units ensure long-lasting durability and reliability.

Moreover, some of our cigarette display racks feature real wood back panels and solid wood price tag moldings, accepting tags and signage strips. Adjustable sign holders display printed signs from 9" to 15" high, ensuring maximum visibility. Highlight product categories, your store brand, or product branding, and create a dynamic shopping environment.

Increase your impulse sales and enhance customer satisfaction with DGS Retail's affordable, durable and flexible line of cigarette display racks and tobacco fixtures.