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metal grip aisle violator sign holder
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P8632 Heavy Duty Metal Gondola Shelf-Top Aisle Sign Holder - 3”L Gripper Metal Sign Holder Shelf Sign Holders Get the attention of your customers from aisles away with this Heavy Duty Metal Gondola Shelf-Top Aisle Sign Holder that features the ability to securely attach to your existing gondola shelving units. Its unique 3-inch long ultra-strong plastic gripper is attached to a solid metal design that is built to last and can hold signs up to 1/8 inches thick. Control the messaging your...

shelf talker sign holder wobbler
Price: $0.51
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Item #: P3645 Shelf Channel Wobbler 9137809259 -

P3645 Shelf Talker Sign Holder - Channel Wobbler - 3-½ x 5-½ Signs Shelf Talker Signage ClipShelf Talker Sign Holders for Price ChannelsAllow messages to pop out to your customers with added visibility and flexibility thanks to this shelf channel wobbler sign holder. Capable of displaying printed signs or messages measuring 3-½" x 5-½" this unique and clever product brings customer's eyes to the item for which you're are trying to highlight. This shelf talker signage clip or sign holder for...

shelf edge sign holders
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Item #: P8623 Shelf Edge Clip 9137809233 -

P8623 Plastic Shelf Edge Clip - Commercial Aisle Violator Sign Holder - Fits 1-¼” Price Channels Shelf Edge Aisle ViolatorPlastic Shelf Talker HolderRetail shelf signage is a great way to grab a customer's attention and help make their shopping experience more enjoyable. Gondola shelf sign holders make it easy to display special offers, draw attention to new products or simply give added directions to save customers from having to scan the entire shelving unit to find what they are looking...

clear shelf edge sign holder
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Item #: P8628 ShlfEdgeSignHldr 3.5x5.5 9137809238 -

P8628 Economical Clear Shelf Edge Sign Holder 3-½”H x 5-½”W Shelf Talker Sign HolderGondola Shelf Edge Sign ClipWith these great plastic shelf talker sign holders your price tags, wine talkers or product info cards are neatly placed inside a clear plastic sleeve. This displays your product information in a highly noticeable shelf edge position but it’s protected from the high traffic in the store aisle. This sign protector allows for the prevention of most tampering or accidental dislodging...

retail shelf talker sign holder
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Item #: P8629 ShlfEdgeSignHldr 3.5x5.5 9137809239 -

P8629 Economical Clear Shelf Talker Holder 3-1/2”H x 5-1/2”W Flush Mount Shelf Talker Sign HolderPrice Channel Sign HolderAdvertise locally sourced products, wine tastings or product ingredients with these clever plastic shelf talker sign holder. Many times there just is not enough space on tiny shelf edges to put advertising or product information at the point of sale. Use this low cost clear plastic sleeve to increase the amount of space available to get your story across! This is a clear...

shelf tag sign holder
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Item #: P8625 Shelf Sign Holder 9137809235 -

P8625 Shelf Tag Sign Holder - Gripper Clip On Shelf Talker - 1-1/4H x 1”W Plastic Shelf Talker HoldersRetail Shelf Sign HoldersGet some extra promotional push on your merchandise by purchasing the shelf channel sign holder. These sign holder fits perfectly on to any standard gondola shelf edge and grabs the attention of your buyers. The technology used in the manufacturing of the gondola shelf sign holder ensures that they stay put even when in high traffic areas. They are very effective in...

super gripper aisle aisle sign
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P8631 Heavy Duty Shelf Channel Aisle Sign Holder, Plastic, 3”L Gripper Gondola Aisle Violator Interrupter SignChannel Mount Sign HolderThe gondola shelf sign holder is uniquely designed to enable you extend your signage into aisles so as to capture the eye of consumers better. This type of sign is often referred to as an aisle violator, blade sign or aisle interrupter sign. Proper retail shelf signage is key in notifying your customers about offers, new products, or just giving them direction....

shelf talker sign holder
Price: $0.19
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Item #: P8626 Dual Shelf Edge Sign Clip 9137809236 -

P8626 Shelf Talker & Aisle Violator Sign Holder - Gondola Shelving Plastic Clip Plastic Shelf Wobbler HoldersRetail Flag Sign HolderWith the small yet vital retail sign holder, you can advertise individual products or whole sections with one convenient and sturdy double-channel holder. Use shelf talkers or flag signs as attention-grabbers or to hold price tags. Display by clipping in standard 1-¼" shelf edge channels on your gondola shelving. With a little bit of creativity you can advertise...

cooler shelf tag holder
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P8627 Cooler or Freezer - Clip On Wire Shelf Tag Holder - 1-¼”H x 2-¼”W Label Holder for Wire Freezer/Cooler ShelfCooler Shelf TagsLabel holders for wire cooler / freezer shelving allow for the display of retail shelf signage inside refrigerated display cases. Unlike other types of label holders, they are not impacted or affected by extreme cold, holding tickets securely while in use. Our shelf channel sign holder enables retailers to add price tags or point of sale advertising directly onto...

shelf tag holder plastic
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Item #: P8624 Shelf Sign Holder 9137809234 -

P8624 Shelf Tag Sign Holder - Gripper Clip On Shelf Talker - 1-1/4H x ½”W Plastic Shelf Clip Label HoldersShelf Tag HolderAre you looking for the ideal way to display signs at your retail store? The gondola shelf price tag or shelf talker holder is the answer that you need. Retail shelf signage are an integral part of any successful point of purchase display. The shelf holder usually functions by securely protecting, supporting and prominently displaying information and other promotional...

wine shelf talker sign holder
Price: $5.57
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Item #: P7911 3012132203 -

P7911 - Info Strips - Shelf Edge Sign Holder - Flips Up - Holds 2”H Price Tags - 48”W Shelf Data StripsStandard Wine Shelf Talker SizeDisplay price signs, sale signs or product feature & benefit details on your gondola shelf edges without interfering with product access. This plastic sign holder has a built in plastic hinge that allows it to be flipped up to access the area behind the sign. Used at many different types of retailers. This retail sign holder works on gondola shelving or...

how to make shelf talkers
Price: $8.59
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Item #: P7920 Shelf Label Holder 4"x48" 3012132205 -

P7920 - Large Shelf Label Holders - Channel Strips for Price Tags - Flips Up - 4”H x 48”W Shelf Channel StripsWine Shelf Talkers Display large store signs up to 4" tall in this great hinged shelf channel strip by DGS Retail! Most channel strips hold only small price tags and UPC codes. With this plastic sign holder you can display larger product information cards, advertising, or sale signs directly at the point of sale. Since the sign is designed to lift up you do not have to worry about...

shelf price strip
Price: $1.91
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Item #: P3653 Info Strip w/Gripper 9137809266 -

P3653 Gondola Shelf Info Strip with Shelf Talker Gripper 1.25”H x 48”W Shelf Price Strips Price Holders for Shelves Conveniently merchandise products with the gondola shelving pricing strips, ensuring that customers benefit from maximum visibility of your products. This is an example of a shelf price strip which also allows the display of retail shelf talkers in front of the price tags for added versatility. Use this shelf strip or plastic label holder on standard gondola shelving where...

liquor store shelf talker
Price: $5.95
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Item #: P7918 Price Channel Strip 3x48" 3012132204 -

P7918 - Price Channel Strips - Shelf Edge Tag Holder - Flips Up - 3”H x 48”W Plastic Price Tag HolderWine Shelf Talker Sign Holder Create an instore signage display at the point of sale with this great hinged large price tag holder. This clear plastic sign holder can display product information, pricing or sale signs. Display all three at once! This shelf channel can accept signs up to 3" high so it's perfect for gondola shelving where you want a little more space for displaying your unique...

free wine shelf talkers
Price: $7.29
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Item #: P7919 Info Strip 3012132207 -

P7919 - Large Data Strips - Plastic Shelf Tag Holder - Flip-up Design - 3-½”H x 48”W Gondola Shelving Insert StripsWine Shelf Talker DimensionsWant to create a low cost point of purchase display or retail sign display on your liquor store shelving? Check out this great flip-up large price tag molding manufactured by DGS Retail! Engineered for use at the point of sale this extruded plastic shelf strip can easily display store signs and price tags up to 3-1/2" tall. It's the ideal wine shelf...

retail violator blade sign holder
Price: $5.13
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Item #: P8630 Blade Sign Holder 9137809240 -

P8630 Retail Blade Sign Holder for Gondola Shelving - Adjustable Length What is a Retail Aisle Violator Sign Holder?Telescopic Gripper Aisle Sign HolderShowcase a section of your gondola shelving aisles with this unique aisle violator sign holder from DGS Retail! This sign holder is used to hang printed vertical blade signs that can call attention to a branded section of your aisles or to a product category. It is a useful way to guide your shoppers to the part of the store they are looking...

Shelf Talker Sign Holders

Shelf Talker Clips

Shelf talker signs, sometimes referred to as danglers and wobblers, are often used by store managers to help customers compare different items and products on the same shelf that could easily be confused for one another. DGS Retail offers shelf talker holders in a variety of sizes and options that are designed to be flexible and versatile so that they can be used throughout a variety of different areas of your store. Shelf talker clips are engineered so that labels and printed signs can be easily used to draw attention from shoppers walking down your aisles. These have long been considered an asset in terms of store organization and driving your customer’s impulse buying behavior.

What is a Shelf Talker?

In many stores, shelf edge label holders often moonlight as shelf talkers, danglers and wobblers.So what is a shelf talker exactly? A shelf talker is a type of advertisement that doesn't just tell customers what the product is, but openly calls attention to the items on the retail shelves. Where a shelf edge label label strip will list the name and possibly the price of the item, shelf talkers will inform shoppers of sales, offer a brief description, and will draw your attention towards the item in an aisle filled with other items that are in competition for your attention. So, to be effective, a shelf talker sign needs to stand out. This can be done through effective graphic design or adding dimension or movement. These are things that a well designed shelf talker sign holder will do.

Where Shelf Talker Clips are Used

Besides the obvious method of grabbing attention, shelf talkers are capable of being utilized in a few different ways:

  • Inspiring emotion in customers
  • Mentioning brands
  • Using customized messages
  • Setting custom prices

Here are some of the businesses that benefit extensively from using shelf talkers:

  • Supermarkets
  • Bakeries
  • Quick Serve Restaurants
  • Convenience Stores
  • Liquor Stores

DGS Retail sells shelf talker clips and holders in a variety of styles and sizes that can be used almost anywhere.

Best Shelf Talker Examples

Retailers of all types and sizes can definitely benefit from the purchase of shelf talker clip sign holders. Shelf talker clips make it easy to change your labels and printed signs that they display. This extends the life of your retail signage in the process. The ease of changing labels and printed signs alone is a big part of the reason why purchasing shelf talker clips sign holders simply makes sense to do. Best examples of shelf talkers include:

  • Retailers that often use shelf talker clips with built in sign holders to advertise on different shelves and in aisles throughout the store
  • Supermarkets that use the clips to make sure that customers are able to see the grocery items available on various basket, shelf, and rack displays
  • Shops that specialize in selling meat or fish will use these clips to mark new items or a recent special that they are promoting
  • Bakeries utilize shelf talker clips to provide customers with brands, ingredients, sales and fresh products.

Along with the sheer breadth and variety of retailers who benefit from the use of shelf talker holders and clips, there are numerous benefits associated with shelf talk clips:

  • Clipping promotional prices to baskets or shelves.
  • Easy switches of printed signs between shelf talkers are possible because of the sign holding design of the retail sign clips.
  • Numerous styles to choose from such as magnetic or gripper styles depending on the needs of your particular retail environment.
  • Display goods and prices in a fashion that's organized and easy for customers to understand.

DGS retail offers a variety of shelf talker clips and holders that are guaranteed to enhance the experience of your customers while making it easier than ever for employees and managers to frequently organize their product displays.

Shelf Danglers Plastic

Shelf Wobblers

A plastic shelf dangler is sometimes also referred to as a shelf wobbler. What these handy items do is they make the product that you're seeking to draw attention to even easier for customers to spot because it dangles or wobbles whenever someone touches it. The movement and added dimension draw your customer’s eyes. These retail sign holders are easy to install since they're attached to the shelf edge and they're impossible for customers to miss. Since they don't require any special customization of your shelves and they're easily removed, shelf danglers are an asset for retailers in much the same way that shelf talkers and shelf talker clips are.

Retail Wine Shelf Talkers

How to Make Wine Shelf Talkers

Most people would consider wine shelf talkers to be a subcategory of a retail shelf talker, except these are specifically designed and formatted with wine, beer, and liquor advertisements in mind. If your store is selling liquor or displaying other products on wine racks or shelving of that nature, a retail wine shelf talker could be just what your management team is looking for in terms of promotions and making certain brands and drinks stand out more to consumers. Wine advocates and enthusiasts like to compare wines in liquor stores and convenience stores. Specifically, they are often looking for wine rating shelf talkers that allow the shopper to comparatively shop between brands at wine stores. DGS Retail specializes in liquor store and wine store displays and we have a large selection of wine shelf talker dimensions. If you’re wondering how to make wine shelf talkers you can simply add one of our many sizes of shelf talker sign holders and print your sign insert for free at your store to reduce your overall costs.

Whether you're looking for shelf talker clips or holders, shelf danglers, or wine talkers, DGS Retail offers variety and excellence at reasonable prices. Make a purchase today.