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Gondola Shelving Accessories

Sometimes you need more than just shelves to your gondola shelving unit. You may require signage, dump bins, and other materials to complete the look. DGS Retail offers all of these and more. We cover slatwall and pegboard shelving units as needed.

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chalkboard wine sign
Price: $125.00
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P2559 Chalkboard Signs, Gondola Shelving Headers, Write On or Slide In Sign! 4 Sizes Add Retail Chalkboard Signs to Your Gondola Shelving Add chalkboard wine signs to your liquor store shelving, gondola shelving or commercial wine racks for a natural looking store interior design. These wooden sign holders are great to add to the tops of most liquor store shelving racks. They're ideal for advertising the countries of origin for your bottles, wine varietal information and special promotions....

wood gondola store shelving for wine displays
Price: $480.00
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Item #: P2523 LSD MALBEC -

P2523 Rounded Retail End Cap Display Kit, Black Gondola w/Shelves 54 x 36”W Ideas for End Caps in Retail Stores Rounded End Cap Displays This is a wooden gondola shelving end cap for retail store shelving fixtures and retail displays. Great rounded wood shelf end cap kit for wine, liquor, c-stores and more! Enhance your store interior design or wine store layout with this beautiful and flexible wooden endcap merchandiser. Compact size at 54"H x 36"W x 23"D can be used at the ends of your...

Wire bin dividers, shown in wire bin with wine bottles.
Price: $24.00
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Shelving Parts to Help with Your Wire BinsWhen it comes to completing your gondola shelving, accessories play an important role. That’s why DGS Retail offers a variety of parts to serve your needs. For example, if you use our wire basket shelves, you’ll find these shelf dividers extremely useful. Coming in a set of ten, they work with our 36” wide and 48” wide continuous wire baskets. They lock in from the front and back, with an adjustment of up to 1 inch in the center. You can use these to...

Gondola upright extension of 12 inches.
Price: $22.20
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Item #: P2585 -

Gondola Shelving Parts Help You Go to New HeightsWhen it comes to improving your store design, DGS Retail has the parts you need. If you’re looking to add more height to your gondola shelving units, we offer upright extenders from 12 to 24 inches in height. You can use these extenders to add more shelves, or install headers to put up some signage on an end cap. There are many uses for these. They work with Lozier gondola shelving units, and you can use their shelves as well. The extenders are...

slatwall vinyl inserts
Price: $7.96
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P2631 - Slatwall Vinyl Inserts - Black Plastic Strips - 1-1/8”W x 130ft Roll Plastic Slatwall InsertsPVC Slatwall InsertsThese black plastic slatwall vinyl inserts are used to add accent strips into the grooves of slatwall display panels. The PVC slatwall inserts are a great way to improve the look of your store or showroom. Most slatwall panels are made from either particle board or MDF wood. The individual slatwall grooves are generally left raw at the back. This can be unsightly or...

aluminum slatwall inserts
Price: $39.00
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Item #: part # 9538525090 -

P2634 - Aluminum Slatwall Inserts - Metal Channel Set for 36”W x 54”H Slatwall Gondola Aluminum Slatwall InsertsSlatwall Panels with Aluminum InsertsAdd beauty and strength to slatwall panel grooves with this great aluminum slatwall insert from DGS Retail! Slatwall gondola shelving is one of the most versatile retail displays out there. It provides all the functionality of pegboard panels but with a modern retail shelving look that will impress your shoppers. DGS Retail is a slatwall gondola...

slatwall inserts aluminum
Price: $49.00
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Item #: part # 9538525120 -

P2635 - Aluminum Slatwall Inserts - Metal Channel Set for 48”W x 54”H Slatwall Gondola Metal Slatwall InsertsSlatwall Aluminum Inserts ManufacturerIncrease the holding power and the strength of our wood slatwall display panels with these great aluminum inserts from DGS Retail! As a direct slatwall aluminum inserts manufacturer DGS Retail sells these slat board inserts at wholesale prices to the retail and display industry. They are designed to work with DGS Retail slatwall gondola shelving...

slatwall aluminum inserts manufacturer
Price: $65.00
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Item #: part # 9538525121 -

P2636 - Aluminum Slatwall Inserts - Metal Channel Set for 48”W x 72”H Slatwall Gondola Slatwall Gondola Shelving AccessoriesSlatwall Aluminum InsertsSignificantly increase the holding power of MDF slatwall panels and improve the look of your store with these great aluminum slatwall inserts from DGS Retail! These heavy duty aluminum channels are engineered to be a slatwall gondola shelving accessory specifically designed for use with DGS Retail MDF slatwall panels. These are often referred to...

aluminum inserts for slatwall
Price: $78.00
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Item #: part # 9538525122 -

P2637 - Aluminum Slatwall Inserts - Metal Channel Set for 48”W x 84”H Slatwall Gondola Retail Slatwall Display IdeasSlatwall Aluminum Inserts ManufacturerIncrease your slatwall holding power and cover up the raw wood MDF slatwall grooves with this elegant aluminum insert from DGS Retail! Supplying the industry with the best retail slatwall display ideas since 1979, DGS Retail is your one-stop shop for slatwall panels and accessories. As a manufacturer of slatwall gondola shelving systems and...

wire dump bins retail display
Price: $154.33
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P3457 Tiered Black Wire Dump Bins for Retail Gondola Shelving, Kit of 6 Black Gondola Shelving Accessories Add an eye-catching point of purchase display to your inline gondola shelving or to your end cap displays with this great tiered black wire dump bin display from DGS Retail. This complete kit is ideal for adding a tiered or waterfalled retail display on black gondola shelving or most other retail shelving. Advertise and promote loaves of fresh baked breads or pre-packaged products in your...

wood bin shelf for gondola shelving
Price: $167.00
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Item #: 8037808502R -

P2539 Wood Crate Dump Bin Shelf, Gondola Shelving Accessory 48”W Retail Wood Shelving Unit Accessory Rustic Retail Display Ideas This wooden bin shelf is a retail dump bin and is used as a gondola shelving accessory on standard gondola units. It is a retail wood shelving unit shelf that was inspired by wood wine crate displays. It can be utilized as a commercial wine rack, retail wine display or on liquor store shelving. This is a great idea for a rustic retail display at wine shops, grocery...