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  • Localize your store signage to connect with your community
  • Signs are Custom Printed: Sign is sold in an "L" shape with one custom printed graphic or a "T" shape with two custom graphics. Add your copy, colors or store message at no additional charge! After your order is placed a DGS Retail Signage Specialist will contact you to go over options and your copy requirements.
  • Retail signs for store gondola shelving - help your customers find what they want.
  • Includes steel bracket and custom printed sign - complete solution.
  • Low cost grocery store aisle signs are 16"H x 15"W or 30"W for "T" shaped.
  • Universal base - mounts to most store gondola fixtures and flat surfaces.
  • Can be mounted to flat surfaces - great for tops of cooler cases or frozen food aisles.
  • Designed for grocery, convenience, liquor stores, auto parts stores and more.
  • Designs for US states and Canadian provinces available.

Sign is sold in an "L" shape with one custom print graphic or in a "T" shape with two custom print graphics.

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Price: $25.17

    Add Local Flavor to Your Store with Aisle Signs

    Retail signage localization is a great way to differentiate your store from big box chains. Demonstrate your commitment to your local community with localized store aisle markers with hometown, state & team designs from DGS Retail! Advertise to your customers your mutual interest in the local neighborhood with localized store signage and displays. Shop local and buy local are the true forms of sustainable retail and a great way to remain relevant and connect with the local community. Shop local and buy local aisle markers are often called local store signage, shop local signs, buy local signs, retail signage localization, grocery store signs, convenience store signs, liquor store signs and supermarket signage.

    Price includes the steel bracket and the printed graphic panel with your desired copy printed on it. Also included is a localized graphic treatment. Designs for all US states and Canadian provinces are available. Custom city and town pride designs are available. Use generic team colors and school color themes. Signs cannot be printed with trademarked colors or logos without written authorization. "L" shaped or "T" shaped signs are available. Overall dimensions of the localized store aisle marker is 16"H x 15"W (or 30"W for the 2-sided version). Display your community outreach marketing plans with these great localized store aisle marker signs. Localized store aisle markers are great for use at college book stores, college football stores, college basketball stores and college apparel stores.

    How to Order this sign: Place your order online. A DGS Retail service rep will call you to go over all the customization options and to get your desired copy that will be used for printing. A final color layout of your custom sign is emailed to you for you to OK before your order is processed. Frequently asked questions.