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wood orchard bin produce display
  • wood orchard bin produce display
  • wood orchard bin produce display
  • Large Wood Produce Orchard Bin 36"W X 36"H X 36"D.
  • Includes shelves on 2 sides.
  • Farmer's Market - Country Charm! Shown in Warm Chestnut stain. Custom Colors available at no extra charge! CLICK HERE to see color guide in new tab.
  • 300 lb Capacity. Plastic Liner Included!
  • Black Corner Guards and Steel Handle Details.
  • Offered in 3 Sizes, risers and baskets sold separately.
  • Assembly instructions can be found here.
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Price: $449.00

    Vegetable Displays with Lasting Appeal

    Design a destination or a store within a store concept for your produce or bakery products with this beautiful and functional wooden vegetable orchard bin or bakery display. Offered in three sizes this is the large size and it measures 36"H x 36"W x 36"D. Made of pine with solid steel interior structures for strength this orchard bin is rated at 300 pounds so put it to work in your store cross merchandising watermelons, potatoes, onions, fruits, vegetables, organic produce, and other natural or locally sourced foods.

    The wooden vegetable orchard bin can also be used as a fresh baked good bakery display. For bakery uses the wooden vegetable orchard bin is called a bakery display, a bread display, a pastry case, a bakery countertop case or a bread shelf display. Add a farmers market feel and convey homespun food wholesomeness with this great grocery store fixture and display. When the wooden vegetable orchard bin is used to display produce it's called a produce display, a produce table, a produce rack, produce case or sometimes a floral display rack. The wooden vegetable orchard bin will assist with your supermarket merchandising and produce display ideas. Many grocery stores configure the wooden vegetable orchard bins into groups in a highly visible area of the store to create a stunning food display idea.

    Turn Your Produce Section Into A Destination

    The wooden vegetable orchard bin is offered in 3 sizes so they work well together in arrangements of small, medium and large size wooden orchard bins. Add the available matching wooden food risers, produce baskets and clip on and tabletop sign holders for a complete produce or bakery display. The wooden vegetable orchard bin is supplied finished with environmentally sound water based semi-transparent stain and can be finished in almost any color. The wooden vegetable orchard bin has a boxed frame design with bead board type vertical grooves, black metal details including 100% steel legs, black spring loaded handles and corner protectors.

    The wooden vegetable orchard bin is supplied with shelf openings on two sides so you can cross merchandise grocery products that are used in conjunction with each other like apples and caramels, vegetables and soup mixes, french bread and cheese, wine and cheese or almost anything.

    This wooden orchard bin has been used at coffee shops and fast casual restaurants to display baked goods, grocery stores and organic markets to merchandise locally sourced produce, supermarkets to display seasonal fruits and vegetables, liquor stores to display wine and cheeses, gift stores and convenience stores to display prepared foods and more!