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  • P2561 – 96” DISCOUNT – Black Gondola Shelving – Wood Retail Wine Rack – 96”W X 54”H X 43”D - P2561 LSD 96"W DISCOUNT 2-Sided
  • Control liquor store fixture costs and create a beautiful retail wine display with this great black gondola shelving with custom stained wood details!
  • Free custom wood staining - choose from 30 colors! CLICK HERE to see color options.
  • Free gondola aisle signs! Help your customers navigate your wine store. Signs are custom made for your store and included!
  • Ordering instructions: Enter your order online here. After your order is received a DGS Retail retail wine display expert will call you to go over the custom printing options for the signs and to confirm your rack order. We will create a color drawing of your sign designs for you to OK before we print.
  • Looking for different sized gondola shelving or fixture heights? Just call for a quote!
  • Free store layout offer: Need a complete store design? Discover how DGS Retail can assist with your free liquor store layout!
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    P2561 – 96” DISCOUNT – Black Gondola Shelving – Wood Retail Wine Rack – 96”W X 54”H X 43”D

    Wholesale Pricing on Liquor Store Shelving

    Whether you operate a liquor store as an owner or manage a liquor franchise opportunity, controlling your business costs is a major concern. Wine shops, liquor stores and package goods stores all need liquor store shelves and wine display racks to effectively showcase their liquor bottles. Keeping store shelving costs on shelving, displays and fixtures design down is critical. DGS Retail has been in the liquor store supply business since 1979. We strive to offer the highest quality liquor store displays and commercial wine racks at the lowest prices available.

    Modern Retail Shelving Ideas

    Wooden Retail Wine Displays

    This discounted gondola shelving display is engineered as commercial shelving that’s designed to support the heavy weight of liquor bottles with ease. It is made with both black metal and custom stained wood panels. We stain the wood from your choice of 30 colors at no additional charge! The wood panels create a high-end look but the complete store fixture is economical. So don’t settle for a cheap display when you can get a great design like this at a low price! This is a fantastic wine store display idea that has the entire wood wine rack look but the functionality and long lasting strength of metal black gondola shelving. For great wine shop display ideas look no further than to DGS Retail.

    This Display Includes All Black Gondola Shelving Accessories Shown

    Create Your Ideal Liquor Store Display

    The commercial wine shelving measures 96”W X 54”H x 43”D. It is a double-sided metal gondola shelf construction. The gondola shelving accessory base is 20”D on each side of the wine rack. The black metal shelves measure 18”D each and there are (12) shelves supplied with the store fixture. If you’re seeking gondolas for sale this is the right display for you. Each shelf can display (6) wine or liquor bottles deep by (16) across for a total of (96) bottles or (8) cases! In total this single 8-foot liquor store display idea can hold (128) cases of standard wine bottles! We base this on measurements of standard wine bottles that are 2-7/8” in diameter by 11-1/2”H. Bottles will vary in size. Some are larger and some are tinier. 20"D shelves available.

    Includes Retail Signage Displays

    Custom Printed Gondola Aisle Signs - Order Online!

    The retail wine display rack is supplied complete with custom printed aisle signs as shown. These are gondola aisle signs that help guide your customers through your store so they can quickly find what they need. The signs are height adjustable. End cap display signs and hanging from the ceiling versions of the aisle signs are available.

    How to Order This Store Fixture

    Ordering instructions: Choose your desired color. Enter your order here online. A DGS Retail customer service representative will be in touch to review your retail wine shelving order and to go over the custom printing options on the signs. We will email you a color drawing of your sign design to approve before printing.

    Get Gondola Shelving Pricing for an Aisle or a Whole Store

    Try Free Wine & C Store Design Layout Offer

    For other liquor store equipment for sale, different sized gondola or for wall shelving quotes – please call. Need help with a full wine store design layout? Check out our free store design offer! Call today.