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  • Black pegboard gondola shelving display adds versatile peg hook merchandising options onto a good looking retail display fixture.
  • Double sided gondola shelf unit. Center section is 48"W. End cap displays are 36"W. Unit assembled as shown is 8 feet wide by 54"H x 43"D. Sold complete as shown.
  • Custom printed aisle sign sold separately.
  • Choose aisle sign design shown or select an inline gondola sign holder from our wide selection.
  • Need other sizes of store fixtures? Let DGS Retail quote a whole aisle or your entire store. Various heights, widths and shelves available. Sign up for free store layout offer!
  • How to order: Place your order online. If you added the optional signage, a DGS Retail design specialist will call to review your order and to go over aisle sign printing options. A color proof of your custom sign designs is emailed to you for your OK before we print.
Price: $678.00

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    P2567 - BLACK PEGBOARD - H Gondola Shelving Display - Best Pricing All Sizes!

    DGS Retail Gondola Shelving Ideas for Stores

    Design your ideal retail sales floor with these great black gondola shelving displays from DGS Retail. A gondola shelving manufacturer, DGS Retail has been supplying fixtures, parts and accessories since 1979. These strong black metal store shelving displays are in use in many different types of retailers including liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores and more. We offer a wide selection of store shelving and commercial racking. There are wood gondola shelving systems, slatwall store fixtures, gridwall panels and perforated pegboard gondola. These systems are engineered to be very modular and can be sold as individual retail island displays that are easy to walk around to long aisles and complete store layouts. The gondola shelving comes in a variety of different heights, widths and lengths to accommodate many different types of retailers.

    Gondola Accessories Used in This Pegboard Display Stand

    Retail End Cap Displays and Double Sided Gondola Unit Included

    This store fixture is priced as a complete unit. It includes a 48"W center island gondola unit. This is a double sided display and the back side looks the same as the front side. The center section is finished off with (2) 36"W retail end cap displays. When fully assembled as shown the retail floor display measures 8 feet wide by 54" high by 43" deep. The base shelves are 20"D. Custom printed retail aisle signage and a metal gondola aisle sign holder is sold separately. Choose the metal aisle sign holder shown or select from our wide selection on inline gondola aisle signs.

    Choose from Wide Selection of Gondola Shelves

    Add Black Shelves, Wire Dump Bins or Tiered Basket Displays

    This display can have shelves added to it. DGS Retail offers shelves in various depths for both the 48"W double sided unit and the 36"W end caps. The shelves are heavy duty steel construction and can support a lot of weight. Many retailers use this store fixture to display wine and liquor bottles as an example. We recommend 18"D shelves positioned low on the display and 14"D or 16"D shelves higher up on the fixture. This creates a tiered display effect or a waterfall and lets more light in. To create a special POP display add wire dump bins or tiered wire baskets. These allow you to display smaller items that may be difficult to put on peghooks or on shelves. Retail dump bins save restocking labor as well because they usually only take a few seconds to restock with product. Tiered basket display are perfect for displaying tall items in a stepped display effect. This makes shopper access to the back row of tiered products easy as the front row.

    Finish Your Display with Available Retail Sign Holders

    Add gondola header signs or topper signs to the end caps to advertise specials or sales. Choose from a large selection of sign holders for this. Also available are aisle violator signs and shelf edge signs that stick out into the aisle perpendicular from the rack. Add and plastic label holders to the horizontal shelf edges to display price tags and product feature benefits.

    Get Gondola Shelving Pricing on Different Sized Fixtures

    This system is available in many sized heights, widths and with different shelf accessories. Put our expertise to work for you. Let DGS Retail quote your aisle or entire store. Sign up for our free store layout offer today!

    Ordering Instructions

    Place your order online. If you selected the add-on signage, a DGS Retail representative will be in touch to review the custom printed aisle sign options. A color layout of your unique signs is emailed to you for approval before we print.