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A space. Because really.

  • Low cost retail sign holder features removable adhesive back.
  • Use it on cooler and freezer doors, non-permanent!
  • Price tag clip works on almost any clean and flat surface.
  • Built in gripper fins securely displays signs up to 3/32” (0.090”) thick.
  • Small and cheap sign holder is 3”L and ideal for c-stores and liquor stores.
  • For sale in 20, 50 and 100 packs.
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    What Types of Sign Clips Work on Beverage Cooler Glass Doors?

    Beverage coolers and freezer case glass doors present an ideal opportunity to add retail signage, price tags and POP signs. However, most retail sign holders are not engineered to work on glass doors. Two in-store signage holders will work. Use either plastic suction cup sign holders or, more economical, use plastic gripper sign holders with removable adhesive. They are designed to stick to most clean, flat surfaces and can work in either a vertical or horizontal presentation. The soft rubbery fins of the grip sign securely hold onto printed signs up to 3/32” (0.090”) thick. The sign holder is 3”L. For a complete selection of these types of retail signs look to DGS Retail for all your in-store- sign requirements.