Curved Clear Plastic Shelf Fence for Gondola or Wood Shelving, 48"W

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  • LOW COST SHELF MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - organize gondola or wood shelving
  • MAKES SHOPPING & RESTOCKING EASY - increase customer satisfaction and lower restocking labor 
  • ADD PLASTIC SHELF DIVIDERS - Clear curved plastic front fence used to hold P3639 & P3782 plastic shelf dividers sold separately.
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL & LARGE PRODUCTS - Used for pharmacy shelf dividers, wine bottle separators and on any gondola shelf where shelf management systems are needed.
  • SNAP-ON DIVIDER DESIGN - Hook-based rails secures snap-on dividers in place.
  • INTEGRATED PRICE TAG HOLDER - Unique front holds 1.25" price tags or shelf strips behind clear plastic cover.
  • GOOF PROOF - Removable adhesive on bottom attaches to standard 48"W gondola, glass or wood shelf.

Add Price Tags with Curved Clear Plastic Gondola Shelf Fence

If your store needs ways to better organize your shelving, look no further than DGS Retail's line of gondola shelf management accessories. This front fence works in tandem with our snap-on plastic shelf dividers. It attaches to standard 48"W gondola shelves thanks to a strong adhesive. The built-in rail on the fence holds the dividers snugly thanks to a distinct design that allow you to slide or snap the shelf dividers into place. Plastic shelf fences like this provide a sign holding function as well as increase safety by helping to prevent items from falling off the shelf. They also provide some resistance against shoplifting by preventing items on the shelf from being "swept" off the shelf quickly. Shelf dividers also help keep shelves organized which increases customer satisfaction and the make restocking easier which saves labor costs.

What's most interesting about this fence though is its front. Thanks to a unique structure, it functions as a price tag channel. You can insert 1-1/4" high price tags inside the fence. Price tags or shelf strips are protected by a clear cover. The curved or bullnose front fence enables easier viewing for customers thanks to the curvature. It also frees up the front of the gondola shelf. This allows you insert shelf talkers, aisle violators and danglers, and other signage into the metal price tag channel on the shelf.

This curved clear plastic front shelf fence can be used on standard Lozier or Madix gondola shelving as well as glass shelves or wood shelves. It measures 1" high by 1" deep by 47-15/16" wide. Use it with P3639 and P3782 clear shelf dividers.


Business Type:
Grocery Store
Business Type:
Liquor Store
Business Type:
Convenience Store
Business Type:
Drug Store
DGS Retail
DGS Retail
DGS Retail
Sold as:
Shelf Fence
SPECS-Sold as:
Individual Item
Mounts to:
Shelf Top
SPECS-Mounts to:
Gondola, Glass or Wood Shelf
Use for:
Store Safety
Use for:
Wine Bottles
Use for:
Deter Shoplifting
SPECS-Use for:
Store Safety
SPECS-Use for:
Wine Bottles
SPECS-Use for:
Deter Shoplifting
Product Lead Time:
Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days
47-15/16 Inches
1 Inch
1 Inch
SPECS-Adhesive Tape:
SPECS-Use with:
Dividers P3639 or P3782
SPECS-Use with:
Back rail P3780
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