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A space. Because really.

  • Add signage to flat surfaces in your store or business
  • Permanent adhesive backed aisle sign holder
  • Display graphic inserts securely with soft gripper "fingers". Graphic inserts slide in easily yet stay put even when hit!
  • Gripper sign holders are 3L with a 1W base
  • Hinged sign bends if hit, Sign bounces back to original position
  • Strong clear PVC construction
  • Holds signs up to .100" thick
  • Sold in 10, 20, 50 and 100 packs
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    Retail Signage

    Low Cost Retail Sign Holders

    Super economical gripper aisle sign holder mounts to walls, gondolas, wood panels, columns - you name it - any clean flat surface will do! Highlight your brand, message, product category, or latest promotion anywhere you need to with this quick easy to install retail sign holder. Great way to sign high traffic areas in your store! Adhesive backed aisle sign holders hold graphic inserts securely with gripper "fingers". This is a power grip strip sign and it is used at offices, businesses, grocery stores and more. Graphic inserts slide in easily yet stay put even when hit! Gripper Sign Holders are 3"L and the base is 1"w. Mounts securely to any clean flat surface. Features a flexible hinge to allow the sign to bend if hit by a shopping cart or bumped into by a shopper. Your sign will bounce right back to its original position! Permanent adhesive keeps sign securely in place. Material is strong clear PVC. This in-store sign construction will hold up in even the roughest retail store environments.