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Any grocery store manager that’s worth their salary knows that selecting the right grocery store fixtures, displays and food merchandisers is an important step to running a successful and profitable retail store. Whether you’re running a grocery store or opening a retail store with food displays you want a grocery store supply partner that’s an expert in the industry. At DGS Retail we’ve been supplying the supermarket, grocery, convenience and liquor retail industries with award-winning food displays, fixtures and signage since 1979. Food cross merchandisers, visual merchandisers and store interior designers often spec DGS Retail’s creative displays, racks, cases and shelves to keep costs low and to outfit their stores with the some of the highest quality store fixtures available. We supply everything from small tiered basket displays for a simple fresh produce stand in a C store to complete departments of produce tables and wooden orchard bins or a whole store’s worth of liquor shelving designed to your store’s layout and capacity requirements.

Grocery Store Display Ideas

When most people think of grocery store fixtures and food merchandising they think of gondola retail display shelving, commercial shelves, supermarket shelves and the like. But supermarket interior designers, folks that develop small grocery store design ideas and retail architects know that it’s more involved than that. Grocery store displays can define your store’s character and advertise your high margin food products to your shopper customer base. The right store fixtures will determine what perceptions customers are left with when they leave the store. They help define whether or not shoppers think of your store as a vintage deli, an urban grocery store or if it has a large-scale supermarket design. Anyway you look at it grocery store fixtures can be the first things that shoppers notice in your retail store and as we all know - first impressions are important! DGS Retail’s grocery store display and food merchandising categories are designed to be utilized in various departments of a supermarket, grocery, produce, liquor, bakery or floral store. Our fixture specialties include:

Produce Merchandising Ideas

Displaying fresh produce is a growing segment of retail for all types of stores. Fresh food and produce are two of the hottest growing categories in supermarkets and grocery stores. Produce is also a fast growing segment in nontraditional retail outlets like convenience stores, drug stores, gas stations and coffee shops. For expert advice in how to merchandise this highly profitable food category look no further than to DGS Retail. Select from our extensive line and wide selection of produce tables, grocery store display racks, euro tables, produce displays and merchandisers. For a more vintage display look consider merchandising fresh produce in wooden produce display bins, orchard bins, produce crates and tiered basket displays. Check out our produce cases and other grocery store merchandising ideas and tips!

Liquor and Wine Displays

Consumer tastes and personal income in the store’s neighborhood are huge factors in what products liquor stores should advertise on their displays. Also, no major chains compete in liquor retailing due to liquor stores being regulated differently at each state level. DGS Retail understands that liquor stores have a unique place in the retail industry. Check out our low prices and extensive line of liquor store shelving, commercial wine racks and liquor bottle displays. We also offer free rack layout services for your store.

Bakery Display Ideas

Bakery and Coffee Shop design is a large part of what’s needed in this strong and growing segment of the retail establishment industry. DGS Retail offers bread display shelves, bakery display ideas, pastry cases, countertop displays and bakery signs.

Floral Display Ideas

Flowers and fresh floral products offer some of the highest margins in the grocery or produce industries. Floral items are also great candidates for cross merchandising in your store with wine, cheese, candy and other items. DGS Retail has a large assortment of floral displays and merchandisers for all different types of retail stores.

Display Baskets and Wooden Crate Food Displays

Wooden crate displays, retail dump bins and wicker basket displays for food are popular items that are used to create engaging food merchandising displays. Display baskets and display crates are used individually or in sets as an arrangement on nesting tables or on a countertop. They are used to cross merchandise different items that either go together in a meal or are related seasonally or in some other way. See DGS Retail’s selection of tiered basket displays, floor stand wood crate displays, wicker basket sets and nesting crates to get great retail display ideas.

Food Display Stands and Risers

Food display stands, catering risers and buffet stands are also used like baskets and crates to create a welcoming presentation of food or grocery items on a tabletop, countertop or inside a deli case. DGS Retail offers metal risers, wooden risers and tiered food displays so that you can design the perfect food display!

Creative Supermarket Displays

Creative grocery store and supermarket displays are a proven method to increase your store’s bottom line and same store sales performance. Professional visual merchandisers can combine displays and fixtures from all of the above categories to design a complete department or seasonal display. As an example our wicker display baskets look perfect when displayed on top of produce orchard bins or produce display tables. Additionally you can add clip on signs or produce display table headers that are also found on this website for a complete department look that is sure to leave a lasting impression on your shoppers and help with positive social media reviews of your store.

Food Store Display Ideas

Food is now sold at many different types of retailers beyond grocery. Fresh food displays can be found at c-stores, gift shops and college bookstores as an example. DGS Retail's line of food merchandising ideas can be used at them all. Combine food risers with produce orchard bins and tabletop sign holders. Add retail headers and department signs to bakery shelving or liquor shelving displays. Create a Valentine’s Day display with nesting tables displaying wine bottles and flower bouquets. Add small sign holders to complete the look. Whatever your retail display ideas are DGS Retail has the right products, store merchandising tips and supermarket merchandising solutions to make them a reality. DGS Retail also offers custom printing that’s ordered online so we can be a one-stop shop for all of your grocery store display and store fixture needs. For ordering info and FAQ’s see: DGS Retail Frequently Asked Questions