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Economy Produce Display Table
  • Economy Produce Display Table
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  • Produce Display Table Accessory
  • Produce Display Banana Riser
  • produce table display for floors
  • Design your perfect fresh fruits & vegetable display with this versatile yet low cost produce display table!
  • DGS Retail offers a complete line of produce merchandising ideas and a wide selection of produce tables to choose from.
  • This display has height adjustable table legs - 27" to 33"H - added versatility.
  • Produce tabletop has (4) tilt top positions - flat, 20, 30 or 40 degrees - create the perfect arrangement.
  • Display includes (4) 4" diameter rubber locking casters for easy movability.
  • Black powder-coat finish. 100% steel construction for long life.
  • Includes top cover - washable and rugged black ABS plastic.
  • Add a retail header sign and custom print graphics: Choose produce table sign holder option below with the custom printed signs. Once DGS Retail has received your order a representative will be in touch to review design & print options available. Free sign design with order!
  • Assembly instructions can be found here
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Price: $279.00
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    Produce Table Store Signage Header - Adjustable Display Angle - Clamps On Tabletop. Printed signs sold separately.
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    In Stock 1 $39.00
    Black metal tabletop extender for produce tables. Increase euro table top size. Includes plastic liner. 48"W x 12"D.
    In Stock 1 $39.00
    Produce table display banana riser is formed with thick black plastic and has 4 scalloped shelves to display bananas and melons.
    3 to 4 Week Lead Time 1 $197.50
    Produce Merchandising Low Floor Table. Fits under main table when not in use. Adjustable angle. Steel construction. 35"W x 22"D
    In Stock 1 $109.00

    Create the Perfect Fruit and Vegetable Display in Your Store

    Buy produce in season. Also, consider purchasing produce that's locally grown. Locally grown produce will taste better than produce that's shipped into your store from regions that are far away. Listen to your customers. Ask them frequently if you are displaying the right assortment. Consider using a suggestion box. Let your shoppers have the opportunity to communicate with you about what they would like to see.

    Product rotation is very important. Remove any damaged, bruised or unappealing items from your produce display. Frequent restocking will help your display keep looking full. When a produce display becomes half empty it can look picked over and will not be attractive to shoppers. Keep older items towards the front of the display and move newer items to the back. This allows for a first-in first-out product rotation that will minimize shrinkage and be more appealing to customers.

    One of the great design features of a tilt top Euro table produce display is that it looks like a huge stack of fruits & vegetables when in fact it is only stacked one or two produce items high. This saves you money by limiting bruising or other damage caused by the weight of produce stacked on top of each other. It also helps with air circulation. Make sure that delicate items are never stacked more than 2 deep to limit crushing.

    Features of This Fresh Produce Display

    Sometimes these produce display tables are called euro tables, display racks, or produce rack stands. Your produce display merchandising or fruit cross merchandising plans will look wholesome and plentiful with this modular high quality yet cheap and economically designed produce display table. It is constructed out of 100% steel. It offers produce merchandising flexibility and lasting staying power that will help boost your profits for years to come. You can arrange this grocery store display either in-line with end cap displays or as island displays.

    For a great looking in-line or single sided display simply position the produce tables next to each other side-by-side. You can position each tilt top at a different angle or all at the same angle for a larger scale fruit or veggy display. For a double sided island display position the Euro tables back-to-back. You can arrange 4, 6 or 8 of these displays in an aisle configuration. This display is used like this at grocery stores and supermarkets. This is a great way to showcase fruits and vegetables but is also used in other retailers to display bakery products, floor tile, flooring, health and beauty products, pet food and more.

    Versatile Design Allows for Almost Endless Display Possibilities

    Maximum functionality and flexibility is achieved with this great design. This produce display table has a tilt top that can be angled to allow for 4-positions of produce merchandising or bakery bread display fixture presentations. The positions include flat, 20, 30 or 40 degrees up. The display includes 4” rubber locking casters so that you can move this display around the store selling floor or even outside to the front of the store. The steel legs can be extended up and down. This changes the height of the table from 27” to 33” high.

    The display has a rubber bumper that helps to protects it from shopping cart hits. The display is finished with black powder-coat for long lasting durability. The Euro table top display surface is supplied with a rugged and washable thick ABS black plastic liner. This great store supply solution can be found at grocery stores, supermarkets, organic markets, coffee shops, convenience stores, cafeterias other retail establishments.

    Add Wicker Baskets, Wooden Crates and Vintage Looking Signage for the Perfect Look

    Create a high-end looking produce merchandising display idea by adding rustic wooden produce baskets and crates, tiered produce basket fruit stands and clip on tabletop sign holders to your produce display table! Locate your point-of-purchase display creation in a high traffic area of your store where it's sure to be seen. This will add needed impulse sales and reinforce your brand with your shoppers. See related products below.

    Produce Display Table Plus features:

    • Flexible Produce Marketing and Merchandising
    • (4) 4" Locking rubber casters
    • 27" to 33" tall adjustable produce display table legs
    • Adjustable angled produce merchandising table top - 0 degrees to 40 degrees
    • Produce Display table supplied with rugged and washable black ABS plastic panel.