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The recent effects of the global economy have only worked to reinforce some trends in food marketing. This includes the continuation of channel blurring where various food categories can be found in non-traditional retailers. The fresh produce industry is no exception to this.

Grocery store managers, retail store designers and retail architects are interested in advertising fresh produce to their shoppers. At over $60 billion in annual sales and growing it’s no wonder the industry is constantly on the lookout for new ways to advertise fresh produce through signage and retail displays. Fresh produce is one of the largest growth areas in the grocery industry. Most grocery shoppers have online alternatives to many of the products displayed with traditional grocery store merchandising ideas. In fact close to 10% of America consumers already shop for groceries online. However, the fresh and prepared foods that are usually located in the perimeter or outer race-track of the store continue to drive more than their share of sales. Because of this produce sales are still growing. Our studies have also shown that promoting produce display ideas along the perimeter of the store will increase sales in the center of the store as well.

Grocery Store Signage Design

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Visual merchandising your produce department or fresh produce at convenience stores and other retailers is an important selling tool. Grocery signage that conveys to your customers that not only are you in the business but that also you are aware of the latest produce trends will go a long way to establishing your store as a destination in the category. When deciding what produce marketing trends that will be impactful think about your customers and what their demographics are to craft the right messages. Is sustainable food, locally sourced food or organic options what your shoppers are looking for? Advertise what you sell with natural and wholesome looking store decor or departmental signage. Make a connection to get that local feel. Signage should be reflective of the town or city where the store is located. This will help to create some loyalty and make your customers feel good about where they are shopping. Also, timing is everything. Shoppers are very hurried for time no matter what age. Try selling ready-to-go and ready-to-eat prepacked produce, complete recipes with all the necessary ingredients or cross merchandise like items near each other for added incremental sales. The idea is that you are saving your customer’s time by creating complete meal solutions that are ready-to-cook in addition to prepared foods that can be consumed right away. These types of retail signs can be displayed directly on existing or new store fixtures, hanging from overhead or placed on perimeter walls. DGS Retail has a wide selection of produce display signs, produce department signs and retail store decor and decorations related to how to display produce effectively.

Improve the Shopping Experience With Produce Displays That Sell

Awesome Produce Display Ideas

If you’ve ever heard the saying that there’s always someone cheaper - it’s true. Retailers and produce markets can no longer rely on low prices to drive traffic. Consumers know that they have a lot of choices when it comes to buying fresh produce. So the trick is not to be the lowest - it’s to solve as many shopper problems as possible and to create the right shopping experience. Signage and nice produce displays can help engage your shoppers with educational information. Use common design elements that are indicative of your city, town or state. This helps to deepen the emotions that connect you to your customer base by appealing to their civic pride. At the same time that you're helping them make wise nutritional choices you're also helping your store through building that connection. DGS Retail understands this and it’s shown in the best produce merchandising ideas, displays and signage designs available. Use our knowledge to leverage your fresh grocery, produce and food displays.

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Details are important. Fresh produce displays need to convey to your customers the same local-ness and problem solving and time saving ideas that your produce signs do. Fruit and vegetable displays should reinforce your brand. They should be natural, wholesome and inviting. DGS Retail has developed a wide selection of produce tables, euro tables and wooden produce display bins or orchard bins as they are often called. These are sold in a variety of sizes and finishes to compliment your store design. Use produce display tables and racks to display dry and wet produce. There are thousands of different types of fruits and vegetables that can be displayed on these grocery store fixtures. The basic distinction between what to display on the produce tables or on top of produce bins is whether or not the veggies require refrigeration or not. There are produce display racks available both with refrigeration and without. The produce tables are a great idea to display fast moving items in the perimeter of the store. Create a fresh produce aisle or an island merchandising display with these versatile angled top tables. Combine the produce table displays with natural or plastic wicker baskets and banana risers for a more organized look. The wooden produce bin displays have a farmer’s or roadside produce market feel to them that implies fresh from the farm naturalness. They create a rustic produce display feel. The bins are offered in multiple sizes and with a variety of features that are right for your natural foods merchandising presentation. Always make indoor produce displays look like outdoor produce displays. It conveys fresh off the plant.

Produce Basket Displays

Display Baskets for Produce

Move your fresh produce faster and sell it quickly by displaying it in wicker baskets. Many of our best produce displays that sell involve the use of natural looking baskets and crates. They make your fresh fruits and vegetables stand out and look more inviting. Beautiful produce displays can be easily made to look like roadside produce cart displays using small baskets and crates. Great produce displays start with an eye on the details. Use more natural sign materials like chalkboard and wood. Display colorful produce items in your store where they get the most visibility. DGS Retail offers a complete line of natural wicker and plastic wicker produce display baskets. Natural wicker is ideal for higher-end shops where your customers have a discerning eye. Use plastic wicker if baskets that are waterproof are desired.

Seasonal Produce Displays

Produce Store Displays

Create unique produce displays and be sure to change them up with the seasons and as seasonal varieties of fruits and vegetables come together. Smart produce merchandisers develop spring produce displays, summer produce displays and fall produce displays. Tropical produce displays are a nice touch in winter months. For added sales try cross merchandising common pre-packed produce for Thanksgiving and holiday produce displays.

Floral Display Racks

Floral Display Stands

One of the highest margin fresh products categories is floral. The typical floral customer buys flowers and related products 3 or 4 times every year. Floral customers tend to be wealthier and older than their millennial counterparts. Like brightly colored produce, floral products stand out and are ideal for merchandising on special racks and display stands in a high traffic area of your store. DGS Retail offers a wide selection of special floral display racks, stands and related signage specially design to merchandise flowers. Check out our waterproof nesting table sets and flower bin stands. For added incremental sales merchandise fresh flowers with wine or chocolates during Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or other related holidays.