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Bakery Decor

There are over 6000 retail bakeries in the United States that generate annual combined revenue of over $3.8 billion. Additionally, many grocery retailers operate their own bakeries inside their stores rather than buy from wholesale commercial bakeries. While the commercial side of the business is dominated by large scale operators the retail side of the business is still mostly small to medium size independent stores and is a growing segment of the food retailing and grocery industries. Combination bakery and coffee shops or cafes that not only employ bakers but baristas as well have enjoyed strong growth in recent years. This is due the combining the strong growth of the retail coffee industry with the growth in the fresh prepared foods industry. Another popular combination business is the deli bakery. Offering both baked goods and sandwiches. As with most retail store businesses the path to success includes providing high quality product with personal service in a welcoming and professionally interior designed retail environment. Successful bakery decor and bakery interior design ideas go a long way in helping to make bakery retailing profitable.

Top Retail Bakery Trends

The top baking trends for retail bakeries continue to be the use of natural ingredients or “naked cakes”, gluten free breads and rolls, South American recipes and retro or vintage recipes. Also growing in popularity is “fresh at your convenience” baked items that are par-baked and then finish baked at the shopper’s convenience in their homes. Artisnal breads have experienced double digit growth. These can be old world loaves, ethnic recipes or non-traditional ingredient breads and rolls.

Best Bakery Design Ideas

As anyone who has ever run a retail bakery store knows the hours can be long and stressful because bakers usually operate under strict deadlines and with time-sensitive recipes. Bakers spend many hours managing their businesses from a financial perspective to pay invoices and payroll, ordering supplies and trying to maintain profitability. Because of all this activity sometimes the way the store looks doesn’t get as much attention as it may need. Bakery interior design and signage helps create your bakery brand identity. It can convey to shoppers what you stand for and how you’re different from the competition. In store signage can also be used to advertise your promotions, prices, types of baked goods offered and what ingredients were used or how to serve the items at home. DGS Retail has been supplying the retail bakery industry and the food service industry since 1979. We offer stock bakery decor solutions that include dimensional wall signs and 3D letters, food display signs, vintage style bakery signs, tabletop and countertop sign holders and store interior design ideas. Select from our stock decor and sign designs that are offered in multiple sizes or let us create a custom look just for your shop. For an overview of our design services click here: Bakery Store Interior Design Services DGS Retail also sells a multitude of retail sign holders that can be used throughout the store. These include gondola shelf signs, headers and toppers. Small sign holders and shelf edge signs that can be used as shelf talkers and clip on signs to advertise on countertops or on baskets and trays. These are useful to promote different pastries, desserts, bagels or breads that are sold at your store.

Bakery Display Shelves, Cases and Racks

Select from our wide assortment of bakery display shelving, cases and racks for the perfect compliment to your bakery interior design and in store signage plans. DGS Retail offers bread shelving that has wooden slat shelves for that bread cooling rack look. The bakery shelving can be used for pastry displays, bread displays or donut displays. The racking is gondola shelving that has wood accents and wooden shelves and dump bins. Shelf configurations can be customized for your store’s needs and requirements. The bread shelving is sold in island or wall display styles and in multiple heights and widths. The bakery display shelves are designed to be used with the gondola shelf sign holders found here: Bakery Decor and Signage Check out our line of bakery Orchard Bins or display bins. These can be used individually or grouped into stair stepped displays to create a high volume yet wholesome and fresh food display. Use them with food risers, baskets and crates to design a stunning seasonal baked goods display or a beautiful dessert display.

Bakery Shelving Aisle Signs

Locating that special prepared dessert, pie or loaf of bread can sometimes be challenging for a customer if your store is busy. Make locating departments, categories and types of baked goods easier with aisle signs and markers. Check out DGS Retail's aisle markers that attach to most bread shelving and gondola racks or our line of hanging aisle signs that are engineered to be hung from a ceiling.