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DGS Retail is a gondola shelving manufacturer, so our wholesale and factory direct prices are affordable. We offer pegboard and slatwall gondola shelving in a variety of colors and sizes, as well as wood finishes.. In addition, we’re a wholesale distributor of Lozier gondola shelving single-sided and double-sided units. We also distribute Madix gondola shelving in wall gondola and island gondola styles in a number of heights, widths and load capacities. Take a look at our selection!

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Gondola Shelves

Redevelop Your Space With Store Shelving

As the economy continues to grow, stores have multiple opportunities to improve their space. They can increase the number of products they have available to customers. But more importantly, they can have flexibility in how they lay out their stores. Whether the goal is to better specialize each product section, expand the stock available on the store floor, or provide better visibility to promotional items, retail store managers seek to redevelop their space so as to drive sales. This is where gondola shelving in different forms come into play.

Gondola Shelving

The most effective form of reforming retail space is adding shelving units. No matter the form, these units will make the most use out of the space, giving room to various products. For example, a single-sided or wall unit could be great for pharmacies looking to add space for cold medicine or various bandages.

Double-sided island gondola units help create store aisles, but that’s not their only use. A liquor store could utilize smaller shelves to showcase different wines picked up by local or specialty vineyards, for example. They come in various heights to serve different purposes. Convenience stores may prefer shorter shelving units to maintain a clear line of sight with all of its customers, while at the same time giving said customers a clear view of what the store has to offer. Hardware and grocery stores may prefer taller units to provide a greater variety of products on the retail floor.

Lozier Shelving

DGS Retail is a wholesale distributor of Lozier gondola shelving units. The leading manufacturer of store fixtures, Lozier offers a distinct level of durability and reliability, as well as a consistent form that can be used anywhere for any sort of store experience. Lozier units, which come in island, wall, and end cap forms, vary in height from 36 to 120 inches, with base depths from 16 to 34 inches. Can’t find the right size? Let us know, and we’ll be able to assist you.

Madix Shelves

In addition, DGS Retail distributes gondola shelves from Madix. The company provides a variety of shelving units that provide maximum flexibility for retail. With various solutions for promotions, merchandising and more, Madix covers a wide number of stores, from electronics stores to health and beauty shops.

Gondola Shelves

A shelving unit isn’t complete without a proper set of a shelves. How stores uses these shelves can highly depend on the situation and type of business offered. A pharmacy will likely have aisles where the products being offered are very small. That allows for a greater number of shelves to maximize the number of products immediately available to consumers. Appliance stores may want fewer shelves that bear a greater load, so as to put larger items such as vacuum cleaners on display.

Size and angle adjustment are also important. Need to max out stock and put everything on display? Stores will likely want the same depth shelves covering their aisles. Want to provide a better view of products on display? A cascading shelf approach may work best in this situation. Some products are also best viewed while laid on their sides rather than upright, which is where a downward slope angle may prove useful over a flat position.

Gondola Shelving Accessories

Shelves on their own can work in most situations for retail. However, customization is often necessary, and adding accessories can be of great use when adjusting to need. For slatwall shelves, inserts can increase the durability of the shelving or add a distinct design accent that impresses customers. A bakery could utilize dump bins to stock freshly-baked baguettes, alongside custom shelves specially made for bread. Stores can draw attention to promotions or give a special flair to current products by adding a gondola header or aisle sign atop the shelf. There are many ways to make store aisles stand out with gondola shelving.