Gondola Shelving Starter & Add-On, 48W

Buy 48 Inch Wide Freestanding Gondola Retail Shelving Store Fixtures In Starter and Add-On Units To Display Merchandise

Shop a wide variety of Lozier and other brand retail shelving units that are 48 inches wide and for sale as starter and add-on units. For sale both as singled sided and double sided units. These are sometimes referred to as wall displays and island units that are used to make typical store aisles. End cap display units that are wall displays with finished backs are available too. These units are used to finish off aisles and are generally used for promotional displays or seasonal item sales. DGS Retail is a gondola shelving manufacturer and wholesale distributor. In stock colors include black or charcoal, platinum or off-white and combinations of black and woodgrain retail shelving design solutions. 

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