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A space. Because really.

  • Ideal solution for displaying "how-to" details, additional special order sku's, finish options, paint chips, etc.
  • Durable polypropylene spring hinges mount to the hole pattern of most gondola shelves.
  • Pages will “snap back” when turned so sign always remains flush with the shelf and never protrudes into the aisle.
  • Available in 4, 6 or 8 page versions.
  • Brackets stocked in gray - custom colors available.
  • Price is per bracket - graphics sold separately.
  • Minimum order quantities may apply. Call for availability.
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Price: $17.95

    P8417 - Retail Store Signs - Shelf Talkers - Flip Book Gondola Shelving Mount

    Shelf Talker

    Retail Shelf Sign Holder

    Reference Page Display

    Our patented Flip Book Sign is ideal for displaying large amounts of information at eye-level on gondola shelving or retail shelf edges. If you have a category with a high SKU count, want to show detailed “how-to” info, show finish options or want to display additional special-order SKUs then this item is a great solution. Our engineers originally developed this solution for a major kitchen and bath product brand to show special-order SKU’s. The concept - virtually indestructible polypropylene molded spring hinges + almost any size tough plastic graphic pages that snap-back flush to the shelves after reading = the ultimate in durable multi reference page displays. This is a retail shelf sign holder. It is mounted directly to the retail shelving. This retail sign holder is supplied with a gondola shelf mount bracket. It attaches to the hole pattern on standard metal gondola shelves. Springs on hinges snap pages back flush with shelf after reading. This helps maintain an organized store appearance and limits sign interference with aisle traffic. Graphic pages are durably held in place by molded brackets. Pages turn easily for shopping. Brackets stocked in gray and offered in 4, 6 or 8 page displays. Graphic pages sold separately. Page sizes can vary. Other sizes and colors available call today for details.