Paddy Clip Magnetic Aisle Violator Sign Holder Beige 3"H

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  • Neutral Beige Design: The Paddy Clip comes in a versatile beige color, perfectly matching off-white or platinum gondola shelving for a cohesive and unobtrusive look.
  • Strong Magnetic Hold: With a substantial horizontal pull force, this magnetic sign holder stays firmly attached to shelving, maintaining the neat appearance of your aisles.
  • Grip with Confidence: The clear rubberized gripper fins are engineered to hold signs of varying thicknesses securely, ensuring they stay in place even in high-traffic areas.
  • Seamless Integration: This aisle violator is designed to mount under the shelf edge, extending out into the aisle without interfering with product visibility or pricing information.
  • Custom-Fit Signage: Accommodating printed signs from up to 3/32" thick, the Paddy Clip allows for quick and easy updates to your promotional messaging.

Paddy Clip Beige Magnetic Aisle Violator Sign Holder: The Subtle Signage Solution

Seamless Store Aesthetics with Paddy Clip

Elevate the cohesiveness of your store's design with the Paddy Clip Beige Magnetic Aisle Violator. This essential retail accessory is crafted to complement beige, off-white, or platinum gondola shelving, ensuring a subtle yet effective display of your promotional signage. The neutral beige tone is specifically chosen to blend with your shelving units, maintaining a clean, streamlined look throughout your aisles.

Unwavering Magnetic Strength

Powerful and reliable, the magnetic base of the Paddy Clip affixes firmly to metal shelving, guaranteeing that your aisle violators remain steady and secure. The robust construction and strong magnetic grip cater to the dynamic nature of busy retail environments, keeping your messaging consistent and visible to customers at all times.

Designed for Durability and Adaptability

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Paddy Clip is a testament to durability. The beige rubberized gripper fins are meticulously designed to hold signs ranging from up to 3/32" thick, ensuring that your promotional materials are presented professionally, without the worry of slippage or misalignment.

Intelligent Placement for Optimal Impact

The Paddy Clip's strategic design allows it to be mounted under the shelf edge, extending outward into the aisle and providing an optimal point of contact for the customer's gaze. This placement ensures that the aisle violator does not compete with the merchandise or the shelf-edge pricing information, thereby enhancing the shopping experience rather than complicating it.

Effortless Signage Management

Adaptable to frequent changes, the Paddy Clip enables quick and effortless updates to your in-store promotions. Its versatility in accommodating various sign thicknesses allows for on-the-fly adjustments, making it an invaluable tool for retail spaces that need to respond rapidly to market trends and promotional cycles.

Tailored for Your Retail Environment

With a focus on both functionality and aesthetics, the Paddy Clip is the perfect accessory for stores seeking a professional, organized, and customer-friendly atmosphere. Its color-matched design integrates smoothly with your shelving, providing a visually appealing and effective way to communicate with your customers.

DGS Retail
SPECS-Bracket Color:
SPECS-Mounts to:
Gondola shelving, wire shelving, coolers, flat metal surfaces
Plastic & Metal
Product Lead Time:
Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days
SPECS-Sign Thickness:
Holds signs up to 3/32" thick
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