PALB Premier 36: Spacious 36-Inch Mini Liquor Bottle Acrylic Display Unit

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  • Expansive 36-Inch Display: The PALB36 triples the display space of the PALB12, offering a wide 36-inch showcase perfect for a diverse array of mini liquor bottles, nips, and shooters, ideal for maximizing visibility in retail settings.
  • High-Impact Acrylic Durability: Constructed from sturdy, 1/4" thick acrylic, this display case is a resilient and modern alternative to glass, providing long-lasting durability and a sleek appearance for your retail space.
  • Space-Efficient Design for Retail Counters: Measuring 36 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 28 inches high, the PALB36 is designed to efficiently utilize counter space, providing extensive display capacity in a compact footprint.
  • Organized and Versatile Display: Features twelve shelves with clear acrylic dividers, creating a total of 72 product slots, ensuring a neatly organized display for a wide range of mini liquor bottle sizes and types, enhancing customer browsing and selection.
  • Ready-to-Use with Enhanced Security Features: Arrives fully assembled for immediate display, with a design that allows the open side to face the cashier, reducing theft risks and facilitating easy restocking, making it a practical and secure choice for busy retail environments.

PALB36: Spacious and Elegant Mini Liquor Bottle Display for Retail Stores

Luxurious and Durable Design

Introducing the PALB36, a 36-inch countertop display masterpiece from DGS Retail, designed to add a touch of luxury to liquor and convenience stores. This acrylic display case stands out as an aesthetic and space-efficient solution for showcasing miniature liquor bottles. Crafted from resilient, high-impact 1/4" thick acrylic, the PALB36 offers a durable and modern alternative to traditional glass displays, ensuring a long-lasting and chic presentation of your products.

Maximized Visibility for Premium Showcasing

The PALB36 is engineered to spotlight your selection of 50ml mini liquor bottles and other retail items like lighters, papers, and tobacco products. Its clear, transparent construction ensures that nothing obstructs the view of your products, inviting customers to browse and buy.

Space-Savvy Display Solution

Boasting an impressive width of 36 inches – effectively combining three 12-inch units – and maintaining a depth of 12 inches with a height of 28 inches, the PALB36 embodies the perfect balance of spaciousness and compactness. This design makes it an ideal fit for any retail counter, maximizing display capabilities without sacrificing valuable space.

Organized Display with Enhanced Capacity

The PALB36 features built-in transparent dividers that provide efficient segmentation for various bottle sizes, ensuring each product is neatly displayed in its designated space. This level of organization is critical for quick customer selection and efficient restocking.

Extensive Shelving for Diverse Products

With twelve spacious shelves, each equipped with pre-set dividers, the PALB36 offers a total of 72 product slots. Each shelf is thoughtfully designed to accommodate bottles of varying widths – from 2-1/2”W to 1-1/2”W – with special front-facing slots designated for featured display bottles, enhancing product visibility and customer engagement.

Ready for Immediate Use and Enhanced Security

The PALB36 arrives fully assembled, ensuring a hassle-free setup for immediate use. Its design allows for the opening to be strategically positioned towards the cashier, enhancing security and simplifying restocking processes.

Versatile for Various Retail Environments

Beyond its primary function as a liquor display, the PALB36's flexible design seamlessly integrates into various retail settings like boutiques, gift shops, and grocery stores. This adaptability makes it a versatile choice for a range of retail needs.

Transforming Retail Spaces into Captivating Showcases

The PALB36 is more than just a mini liquor bottle display case; it's a catalyst for sales, designed to entice and engage customers. With its premium quality, seamless organization, and unmatched aesthetics, the PALB36 elevates ordinary retail spaces into captivating product theaters, making it an essential investment for any retail establishment looking to enhance its display and sales potential.

Note: Displayed liquor bottles are for illustrative purposes only and are not included with the purchase.

DGS Retail
SPECS-Sold as:
Countertop Display
Solvent Welded Acrylic
Product Lead Time:
Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days
36 Inches
12 Inches
28 Inches
Mini 50ml Liquor Bottle Capacity*:
4 Clear
SPECS-Shelf Row Dividers:
SPECS-2.5 Inch Wide Rows:
SPECS-2 Inch Wide Rows:
SPECS-1.5 Inch Wide Rows:
SPECS-50ml Bottle Capacity*:
One Side Open
SPECS-Counter Space:
36W x 12D
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