StoreBright: LED Enhanced Commercial Mini Liquor Bottle Display Case 36W

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  • Triple-Capacity Display: The StoreBright PALB36-LED offers an expansive 36" width with twelve shelves, tripling the display potential for mini liquor bottles, nips, and shooters (50ml/1.69oz). It's a perfect match for displaying an extensive selection in busy retail environments.
  • Striking LED Illumination: Featuring a sophisticated black MDF lid with super-bright LED lights, this display case brilliantly highlights your collection of mini liquor bottles, creating an eye-catching and inviting focal point for customers.
  • Durable, High-Clarity Acrylic: Constructed from commercial-grade, high-impact 1/4" thick acrylic, this large display case combines the transparent beauty of glass with increased strength and safety, ideal for any high-traffic liquor store counter.
  • Large, Organized Shelving: Measuring 36”W x 12”D x 28”H, the StoreBright display case is designed for optimal space use. Each shelf is equipped with pre-set dividers, providing a total of 72 slots for a neatly organized and accessible display of various bottle sizes.
  • Ready-to-Use with Security Features: Arriving fully assembled and solvent-welded for added durability, this display case includes a rotation feature for enhanced theft prevention, ensuring a secure and efficient experience for retailers and customers alike. Position open side of case towards cashier. 

Enhanced LED Top for a Captivating 36" Wide Mini Liquor Bottle Display

Presenting the DGS Retail PALB36-LED Mini Liquor Bottle Display Case, an impressive addition to any liquor store or convenience store checkout counter. This 36" wide model triples the display capacity compared to the original design, featuring an elegant black MDF lid adorned with super-bright LED lights. These lights masterfully illuminate the mini liquor bottles, nips, shooters, and wine bottles inside, creating an alluring display that's sure to catch the eye of customers. Perfect for showcasing a diverse range of mini alcohol bottles, this expansive case is a magnificent centerpiece for any retail setting, offering vast space for innovative mini liquor bottle display ideas.

Sturdy and Transparent Acrylic Build

Crafted from the same high-quality, commercial-grade, high-impact 1/4" thick acrylic as its predecessors, this even larger display case blends durability with a clear, stylish design. The transparent acrylic ensures the elegance and safety of a glass-like appearance without the associated risk, making it an ideal mini liquor bottle holder solution. Its see-through nature allows every bottle, including the 50ml or 1.69-ounce shooter bottles, to be prominently displayed, inviting customers to explore your extensive selection.

Expansive and Efficient Design

Engineered for maximizing retail space utility, this more extensive liquor display case measures 36”W x 12”D x 28”H. Its size is perfect for liquor store counters and c-stores, especially near checkout areas to encourage impulse buying. The case features twelve shelves, each with pre-set dividers, offering a total of 72 slots. This vast capacity can host an extensive range of mini liquor bottles, nips, shooters, and other small-sized spirits, making it a versatile and indispensable piece for any liquor display.

Organized Display with Triple the Shelving

Each shelf in this larger mini acrylic display case includes strategically placed dividers, enabling a well-organized display of various mini liquor bottle sizes. The tripled shelving capacity provides even more possibilities for mini liquor bottle display ideas, from nips on display to an impressive collection of shooter bottles.

Ready for Immediate Use with Enhanced Security

The PALB36-LED arrives fully assembled, featuring solvent-welded joints for increased durability. This hassle-free setup is coupled with heightened security; the case can be rotated to position the open side towards the cashier, minimizing theft risks. Each shelf row has a front cubby to prominently feature individual bottles, enhancing customer interaction. The integral LED lighting in the lid further elevates the display's visual appeal.

This larger LED-enhanced mini liquor bottle display case is an essential upgrade for any liquor store, marrying practicality with an innovative design. With its generous size, unobstructed visibility, and striking LED top, it stands as the ultimate commercial-grade solution for exhibiting an extensive collection of mini liquor and wine bottles.

DGS Retail
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Countertop Display with LED lights
Clear with black LED lid
Acrylic & MDF
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Usually ships in 1 to 2 business days
36 Inches
12 Inches
28 Inches
12 Clear
SPECS-Shelf Row Dividers:
SPECS-2.5 Inch Wide Rows:
SPECS-2 Inch Wide Rows:
SPECS-1.5 Inch Wide Rows:
SPECS-50ml Bottle Capacity*:
One Side Open
SPECS-Counter Space:
36W x 12D
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