Panny Select LED: Illumination 12-Inch Mini Liquor Bottle 50ml Display Case

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  • LED Light Fixture: Equipped with a black MDF lid featuring super-bright LED lights that beautifully illuminate the mini liquor bottles, enhancing product appeal and visibility.
  • Sturdy Acrylic Build: Made from 1/8” clear acrylic, offering a durable and transparent display solution, perfect for showcasing a variety of mini bottles.
  • Adjustable Display Options: Comes with price tag holders, four shelves and 20 clear dividers, allowing for flexible arrangement of products like nips, shooter bottles, and vape items.
  • Secure and Convenient: Features a lockable back door with nickel-plated hinges, ensuring the security of your merchandise while being easily accessible.
  • Ideal for Retail Counters: Compact size of 12x12x24 inches, perfect for busy retail environments like convenience stores and liquor shops, maximizing counter space usage.

Panny LED Mini Liquor Nips Airplane Bottles Display Case: Modern Illumination for Retail Spaces

Innovative Design with LED Lighting

The Panny LED Mini Liquor Bottle Acrylic Display Case offers a contemporary and efficient way to showcase a variety of mini liquor bottles, elevating the aesthetic appeal of your products. Also used to display nips, shooters, airplane bottles, vape, and more. The standout feature of this display case is the black MDF lid with built-in super-bright LED lights, which not only illuminate the bottles inside but also create an attractive and eye-catching display. This innovative lighting solution is perfect for drawing customer attention and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Durable and Clear Construction for Optimal Display

Constructed from robust 1/8” clear acrylic, the Panny LED display case is a commercial-grade unit designed for durability and longevity. The transparent nature of the case ensures that your mini liquor bottles are prominently displayed, with the LED lighting adding a premium touch to the visibility of the colorful and varied bottle designs.

Versatile and Adjustable Shelving System

Featuring four adjustable shelves and 20 clear dividers, the Panny LED display case is versatile enough to hold different sizes of nips, shooter bottles, vape cartridges, and other small retail items. These dividers not only facilitate easy restocking but also help keep the display organized, making it easy for customers to find what they're looking for. Each shelf comes with a plastic price tag holder strip, suitable for 1-1/4” high tags, offering flexibility in displaying prices, promotional messages, or brand details.

Enhanced Security and Accessibility

Security is key, especially when displaying valuable items. The Panny LED display case includes a lockable back door with sturdy nickel-plated hinges, providing added security and ensuring that your products are safe while still being easily accessible to staff.

Compact Size for Busy Retail Environments

Ideal for high-traffic retail areas, the Panny LED display case measures 12x12x24 inches, providing a compact solution for displaying up to 192 standard 50ml mini liquor bottles. This size is perfect for checkout counters in convenience stores and liquor shops, maximizing impulse purchases without taking up excessive space.

Simple Assembly for Quick Integration

Designed for easy assembly, the Panny LED display case can be quickly set up and integrated into your store, instantly enhancing the functionality and appeal of your retail space.

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Countertop Display with LED lighting
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4 Clear
SPECS-Shelf Row Dividers:
20 adjustable dividers
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Locking door
SPECS-Counter Space:
12W x 12D
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