7 Ideas for Produce Displays on Wet Racks

Nov 15th 2018

7 Ideas for Produce Displays on Wet Racks

Even though there are various styles and sizes of wet racks such as green or vegetable racks, they serve the same purpose of displaying produce in a refrigerated case. It is worth noting that most of them supply a misting system that keeps leafy greens and carrots fresh and hydrated. You should consider creating a space and budgeting for a wet rack or an ice bin. Orchard bins for produce can also accomplish the same thing as a refrigerated case at a fraction of the cost. They also take up much less space, so they can more easily fit into small grocery store designs or into C-store designs.

Below are some of the alternative ways that you can deal with produce items such as vegetables that are significantly affected by moisture loss.

1. Plan What Produce to Display

We recommend you tear down and clean your wet rack or ice bin at least weekly. The ideal night to clean is the day before any weekly sales or promotions. This allows the set-up person to adjust the items to best suit the promotion or seasonal sale. You can begin setting up the rack knowing where everything needs to be placed.

2. Prep Produce for Retail Display

You should have your items prepped the night before to save valuable time in setting the rack before you open your store. You should wash and trim greens including lettuce, onions, celery, and cabbages. You should also ensure that you wash and band all items that were delivered packed in ice to make them ready.

3. Try Different Produce Layouts

You should be aware of the old items that need rework to help you determine how much new product you need to begin with. Always remember to use FIFO (put a new layer down first) while arranging vegetables. Also, be aware that dummying up certain spaces is necessary, especially for slow-moving products. You should use waterproof materials in doing so. Empty plastic produce containers is a good solution for dummy bases in ice displays as they let water through.

4. Rotate Older Produce on Top of Display

You should prioritize older products in terms of what you display first. However, only stock something you would buy if you were the customer. Rotate the items in the display cases and ensure that fresh air circulates through your display. Note that poor air flow is likely to lower refrigeration unit efficiency if you are using a case. As always, get rid of all spoilt or unsellable products.

5. Fill The Produce Display to a Visually-Appealing Level

No matter what layout you choose, remember that a display appeals to the customers most when all products look fresh and are beautifully leveled. People buy with their eyes—they should like what they see. If necessary, dummy up the base of your produce display to make it appear that there’s twice as much product available.

6. Clean Up

Get rid of boxes that you are not using to display produce. You should also adjust water misters regularly and constantly rearrange and update merchandising signage as the produce is shopped down. Keep your workspace clean and neat by hanging bags, sweeping, and mopping the floor as well as wiping down all display surfaces.

7. Keep Your Produce Display Looking Fresh

Lightly sprinkle your display with clean water. You should split items that may spoil if wetted from those that benefit from misting. Finally, you should ensure your rack has adequate air circulation, attractive and distinct color breaks between different produce and proper selection of categories with signage. Also, make your ice bin display easy to access by placing it in a high traffic area of the store.