Ethnic Grocery Store Design Ideas & Signs

Jun 13th 2019

Ethnic Grocery Store Design Ideas & Signs

Island Pacific is an ethnic supermarket chain with locations in California and Nevada. Specializing in Filipino foods, the chain looks to serve the local communities by providing them with the ingredients they need to cook the meals they grew up with. Each location includes not only various seafood items and regional cuisine, but also "Philhouse Fast Food," a way for Filipino-Americans and other shoppers to eat authentic home-cooked Filipino meals.

Ahead of the opening of one of their locations in southern California, Island Pacific reached out to DGS Retail to help develop a solution for hanging aisle signs at their ethnic grocery stores. In particular, they were looking for aisle signs that could match the look and feel that they wanted for the location. It should be readable, but also fit in with the rest of the decor that is reminiscent of outdoor markets in the Pacific.

DGS Retail provided free sign design services and developed a series of hanging aisle signs designed with Island Pacific's look in mind. The signage used a distinct "paint brush stroke" 3D raised letter white font to indicate the aisle numbers and a vintage look version of their logo on a digitally printed weathered wood background.

The grocery store signs also featured interchangeable slide-in category signs with a handwritten looking font on black placards. These clearly indicate the categories of foods in each section with a style reflective of the store's tropical theme. Customers could see what products are in each aisle while being reminded of where they are, building brand awareness. The quick turnaround enabled the store to open on time.

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