How SkeeVue Grocery Reinvented Itself Before Ski Season

Posted by Tom Conway on Nov 12th 2018

How SkeeVue Grocery Reinvented Itself Before Ski Season

SkeeVue Grocery, of Breckenridge Colorado, was looking to re-brand and re-name their conventional grocery store into Breckenridge Market and Liquors. The newly named store would be a natural and organic market that would better cater to the residents and tourists of their hometown. DGS Retail, working with the Store Planning group of UNFI, helped to effectively rebrand the store to better reflect the owner’s new market position.

During the planning stage Breckenridge Market and Liquors and UNFI were concerned about allaspects of the store shopping experience. This included customer shopping patterns, the addition of a new deli and seating area and how the store décor would portray a more natural and organic feel. grocery store design

The initial design concepts for the store utilized “reclaimed beetle board” for much of the signage in recognition of the sizable amount of Colorado forest that has been decimated by pine beetles. However, the store’s owners were operating under a tight time frame. Trying to reduce the stores down time the owners scheduled the remodel construction to occur immediately prior to Christmas, which is typically the opening date of the winter ski season. DGS Retail was brought in as the store’s signage and décor supplier at Thanksgiving. Quickly determining that the time frame would not allow for fabrication of actual beetle board signs DGS Retail suggested simulating them with alternative materials. Using digitally printed dimensional expanded vinyl constructed store signs DGS Retail was able to simulate the beetle board look with lightweight and inexpensive materials.

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DGS Retail worked with UNFI to design all of the store’s signage including wall graphics, department signs, aisle markers and large banner rings. DGS Retail constructed the store’s complete signage package. From design to installation the project was completed in less than 4 weeks and the store was able to open prior to Christmas as planned.

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