MJ Fine Wine & Spirits Succeeds With DGS Retail's Liquor Store Design

Mar 12th 2019

MJ Fine Wine & Spirits Succeeds With DGS Retail's Liquor Store Design

MJ Fine Wine and Spirits is a small liquor store based in South El Monte, California. Their primary focus is on wine, providing a large variety of wine from around the world. Key to their business is educating the consumer on wines: They have a professional sommelier team that can identify and recommend various wines that suit the needs of their customers, as well as teach shoppers not only the wine but wine culture of various places based on the recommendation.

Ahead of its opening, MJ Fine Wine and Spirits approached DGS Retail through our free store design service. They sought to make their store layout match up with the products they sell. The client made a great emphasis on making the design look as classy and high-end as possible, akin to a boutique liquor store. Seeing our lineup of  wood-backed gondola shelving, they saw a potential match with their marketing objectives that was also within their store fixture budget.

Adding Color and Chalkboard to Liquor Store Shelving

For this design, DGS Retail took a more straightforward approach. The main focal point was the island and  wall gondola shelving units. We used black metal shelves with wood front trims and wood grain back panels to add a classy feel to the store. Additionally, we utilized front wire fencing to make it easier to display wine bottles from different angles, thus providing for better presentation and added safety. In terms of shelving placement, we sought to maximize visibility through arranging our island gondolas with customer views in mind the moment they step into the store.

Additionally, the client was particularly interested in the use of  chalkboard signage. The signs not only allow an extensive amount of flexibility and versatility in terms of providing product information and pricing, but also enable store staff to get creative with what's on display in ways printed signage cannot. Chalkboard also gives a distinctly authentic feel, bringing to mind high-end cafes and bakeries you find in Europe. We used large signage that could be attached to  our gondola header sign frame, providing clear info of various wine and spirits.

Given the extensive use of wood trim in our design, an ideal wood stain was essential to getting the look right. We used our Pecan wood stain to bring out warm tones in the store.

Maximum Store Design Efficiency, Optimal Results

Completing the store design, including floor layout, took approximately one week. MJ Fine Wine and Spirits was satisfied with the results, and were able to install the shelving and signage as they built their store. They successfully opened their store in August 2018.

MJ Fine Wine and Spirits represents an example of how a free store design from DGS Retail can make your liquor store look classy and professional at no cost to you.  Check out our services today.

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