New Asian Supermarket Design & Signs

Jun 13th 2019

New Asian Supermarket Design & Signs

AZ International Marketplace is a supermarket located in Mesa, Arizona. An ethnic supermarket, they specialize in foods and items for the Mesa community, mixing together foods for the local Latino and Asian population. They offer such items as tilapia, rice sticks, and durian. On top of this, they sell a variety of imported ethnic health and beauty items along with household products.

Ahead of their opening, AZ International Marketplace contacted DGS Retail about making signage that would work effectively with their store. They wanted something appealing to customers' eyes while at the same time be easy to see no matter where they were in the store. Given the diverse population of expected shoppers, readability proved essential.

DGS Retail worked with the retailer to design a line of hanging grocery store signage with simple yet viewable designs. The aisle sign solution featured large dimensional lettering for the aisle numbers on a see-through sign with a raised plaque depicting the store's logo to reinforce the brand. For the food categories, our signs used interchangeable white placard inserts with simple black text to enable clear reading of what products were available in the aisles. This way nobody would get confused where snacks or spices were. 

For more open sections of the store such as seafood and produce, we supplied them large circular signs in high-contrast colors. This made it easy to visually confirm the location of important parts of the store, no matter where customers were located.

With a quick turnaround time and fast design, we were able to deliver these signs ahead of schedule, enabling for a smooth opening.

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