See How DGS Retail Transformed Vintage 53 with Customized Wood Stained Gondola Shelving

Apr 7th 2023

See How DGS Retail Transformed Vintage 53 with Customized Wood Stained Gondola Shelving

DGS Retail was approached by Vintage 53, a specialty marketplace, cheese shop, and wine bar, to provide wood-stained retail shelving for their store.

Vintage 53 is a unique concept store that offers an extensive selection of artisanal cheese, fine wine, and specialty food products. The store owners wanted to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that would reflect the high-quality products they offer. They envisioned a store with wooden retail shelving that would complement the store's rustic decor and create a welcoming ambiance for their customers.

DGS Retail understood the client's requirements and presented them with a wide range of wood-stained retail shelving options. The client selected a shelving system that was made of natural wood and featured a rich brown stain. The wood grain was prominent, and the shelves were constructed to display products in an appealing and organized way.

The DGS Retail team worked closely with the client to customize the shelving system to meet their specific needs. They designed the shelves to be adjustable, so the client could easily modify them as needed. The shelving system was also designed to fit perfectly in the store's limited space while providing ample storage capacity.

The wood-stained retail shelving system provided by DGS Retail transformed the store's atmosphere, making it more inviting and comfortable. The new shelving system helped to showcase the products in a more organized and attractive way, making them more appealing to customers.

Overall, the project was a great success, and Vintage 53 was thrilled with the results. They were impressed with DGS Retail's professionalism and attention to detail throughout the entire process. The new shelving system provided by DGS Retail helped to enhance the store's ambiance and improve the overall shopping experience for their customers.