Panny Plus LED: 24-Inch Illuminated Mini Liquor Bottle 50ml Display Case

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  • Eye-Catching LED Illumination: Features a sophisticated black MDF lid with built-in super bright LED lights, creating a captivating display that highlights the mini liquor bottles and attracts customer attention.
  • Durable Acrylic Construction: Crafted from sturdy 1/8” commercial-grade clear acrylic, offering a combination of durability and clear visibility, perfect for busy retail environments.
  • Versatile Shelving Options: Comes with six spacious shelves and 30 adjustable dividers, accommodating up to 288 standard 50ml mini liquor bottles, and providing flexibility for various product arrangements. Also supplied with price tag holders. 
  • Compact and Efficient Design: Measuring 24x12x24 inches, the Panny Plus LED optimizes counter space in retail settings, ideal for showcasing impulse purchases at checkout counters.
  • Secure with Easy Access: Includes a lockable back door with strong nickel-plated hinges, ensuring the security of your merchandise while maintaining easy access for staff.

Panny Plus LED: The 24-Inch Illuminated Mini Liquor Bottle Display Case for Enhanced Retail Experience

Modern Lighting Meets Functional Design

Introducing the Panny Plus LED, a 24-inch version of our innovative illuminated display case, designed specifically for retail environments like convenience stores, gas stations, and specialty liquor shops. This display case takes product showcasing to the next level with its integrated LED lighting feature. The top of the case features a stylish black MDF lid equipped with super bright LED lights, casting a captivating glow over the displayed mini liquor bottles. This LED lighting not only emphasizes the distinctiveness of each bottle but also serves as an eye-catching attraction, drawing in customers and encouraging impulse buys.

Durable and Transparent Construction for Optimal Display

Constructed from robust 1/8” commercial-grade clear acrylic, the Panny Plus LED combines durability with crystal-clear visibility. Its sturdy build is suited for the busiest of retail settings, while the clear acrylic ensures that all products within are perfectly visible. The LED lighting enhances this visibility further, making it an ideal display solution in various lighting conditions.

Versatile Shelving for a Range of Products

Equipped with eight spacious shelves, the Panny Plus LED provides ample space for displaying a diverse array of products. Alongside these shelves, the case includes 40 adjustable clear acrylic dividers, allowing for a customized arrangement of up to 384 standard 50ml mini liquor bottles. These dividers aid in keeping the products organized and easily accessible, simplifying restocking and enhancing the shopping experience. The display also include 4 plastic price tag holders that display standard 1-1/4" high strips or tags. 

Secure and User-Friendly Features

Acknowledging the importance of security in retail, the Panny Plus LED is designed with a lockable back door, reinforced with durable nickel-plated hinges. This feature ensures the safety of the merchandise, providing store owners with peace of mind.

Compact Design for Efficient Use of Space

The Panny Plus LED, measuring 24x12x24 inches, is perfectly sized for counter spaces in retail environments. Its compact footprint allows for efficient use of space, making it suitable for checkout counters where it can prominently display impulse purchase items without cluttering the area.

Easy to Assemble and Ready for Retail

Assembly of the Panny Plus LED is straightforward, enabling quick and easy integration into any retail space. This display case is not merely a storage solution; it represents a blend of aesthetic appeal, functionality, and innovative lighting, making it an essential addition to modern retail environments.

Note: Liquor bottles not included.

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Countertop Display with LED lighting
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8 Clear
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40 adjustable dividers
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Locking door
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24W x 12D
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